Archive and collection

In October 2012 the Jerusalem Print Workshop established an archive and collection to document its activity. The entire collection is catalogued in English and accessible online to the general public. It includes archival details alongside information gathered from the artists themselves, as well as other catalogues and sources, in order to present a full picture, as much as possible, of each print. The collection, which currently lists over 3,700 prints and trial prints, focuses on works created at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. Additionally, it includes numerous other prints, donated to the Workshop by a variety of different artists and collectors.

The collection and archive are available to art researchers, curators and students, as well as anyone else who cherishes the world of printmaking. We invite you to explore the archive firsthand. Visits to the archive must be arranged in advance by calling

The online catalogue can be searched textually or by the name of the artist, and the advanced search enables searching all the prints in the archive, with their various details. We continue to add more works from the history of the Workshop and update the catalogue by adding archival information on existing prints.



Link to the collection and archive software of the Jerusalem Print Workshop
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סדנת ההדפס ירושלים (חל"צ )

רח’ שבטי ישראל 38 (פינת רח’ הנביאים)
9510561 ירושלים


דרכי הגעה

תחנת רכבת קלה
שער יפו או שבטי ישראל
קווי אוטובוס
קו 66 (מרח’ יפו, ליד תחנה מרכזית ירושלים)
קווים נוספים: 1, 18, 19

שעות פתיחה

ימים א׳-ה׳

ימי ו׳
בתאום מראש

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