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Avner Katz: On Third Thought

100 pages, paperback
Publisher: Salomon & Daughters, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Text: Avner Katz
English translation: Niva Caspi
Design: Naama Tobias

On Third Thought is a visual contemplation over a man’s life. It’s 87 Linoleum cuts examine the human figure as a black note on a page, echoing the question What marks we leave behind? Both Poetic and amusing The Third Thought carries us forward and backwards, adding figure to figure, accumulating impressions, as passengers in a tunnel, studying the flickering reflections of a Treasure chest mind.

Avner Katz is an artist of images and words. Born in 1939 in Kibutz Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem. Katz is a Professor Emeritus at Haifa University. He lives and works in Ramat Hasharon, in a small house full of treasures.


סדנת ההדפס ירושלים (חל"צ )

רח’ שבטי ישראל 38 (פינת רח’ הנביאים)
9510561 ירושלים


דרכי הגעה

תחנת רכבת קלה
שער יפו או שבטי ישראל
קווי אוטובוס
קו 66 (מרח’ יפו, ליד תחנה מרכזית ירושלים)
קווים נוספים: 1, 18, 19

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